Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Top Online Slot

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Chinese New Year is a big holiday in the deep east countries. You can ask, why people from another world’s regions like to celebrate it too?

The answer is easy, that’s all because of the sympathy of the biggest part of mankind to that unique and beautiful culture. With all these red lanterns and other fascinating attributes.

To tell the truth, in many spheres of entertainment, Chinese New Year is a big event, when lots of themed products are usually creating. It’s an open secret that 2019 is a year of pig, and Chinese people always know, that this animal is a symbol of luck. Today we will discuss the influence of this holiday on gambling industry, and which themed slots would be better to choose in 2019.

The Most Interesting Chinese Themed Slots Which You Need to Try

Fortune Keepers slot would be the first exemplar. Try your luck and enjoy gambling, while playing this themed slot. You will see an epic Kung-Fu battles and lots of Chinese culture’s attributes like golden coins with an empty square space in a center with red strings, for example. By the way, Fortune Keepers slot is a traditional 5 reels gambling game with 3 rows and 50 active paylines.

The great characters will wait you there(a Panda and a Monkey). This slot has user-friendly interface, so it would be simple to analyze the situation on the screen and of course start the game. Stunning soundtrack is perfectly fits to the atmosphere. In the 2019 Chinese New Year, this online gambling game is completely recommended to try.

What is Your Favorite Chinese Themed Casino Slots?

Terracotta Wilds slot, as you can guess from its name, has lots of different wild features. This game has ordinary 5 reels and 3 rows, but in addition, it has incredible 100 active paylines, so it would be fun to play and easy to win. Terracotta Wilds is one of the best choices for every kind of gamblers, no matter, you are professional or novice. All background of the game is stylized with red colors.


Mostly part of special symbols are terracotta sculptures. This game has lots of interesting features like bonus which will give you additional free spins and multipliers, or feature which can transform all the higher value symbols into wilds. Try it, and you won’t be disappointed.

how to play mobile casino

8 Lucky Charms is the last, but not the least slot in our today’s list. As the majority of Chinese themed games it has wonderful red background where the reels are located and, if you will look a bit deeper, you will insightful scenery of eastern lands.

In addition, you will find the special symbols, with different animals of Chinese culture, like cats, dragons, tigers and so on. This slot is totally filled with different bonuses, scatters, multipliers, wilds, and lots of other interesting features. If you will try this gambling game you will be completely tightened in it. Are you ready for this?

All in all, it should be noticed that Chinese New year is a great holiday, which has given to us lots of, valuable for industry, slots. Every mentioned game in this article is definitely reliable, so the only thing you should do is enjoy the celebration and gambling..