Gambling Legislation Around the World

Gambling, is one of the biggest parts of world’s entertainment, and law of every country have different thoughts about it. Some of them think that casino industry is a good opportunity to increase the governmental budget, while another think that it dissolves the consciousness of society.

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Last mentioned countries can’t deny fact that online and real gambling are very popular around the world. So, now it’s time to talk about every big country and which laws they have about gambling.

The List of Big Countries and their Rules about Casinos

Let’s start with territory, where casinos are very popular, European Union. To tell the truth, there are no specific laws which would restrict to gamble in there. You can ask, how to prevent money laundering, and other bad phenomenons? Member countries of EU, have different positions about this.

France. In this country, you can play only, poker in special halls, do bets on sports and horse racing. Playing slots here is completely prohibited. Moreover, gambling like official kind of entertainment, appeared here in 2010.

Germany. In order to keep in safe all the information about users, online casinos in Germany, required authorization with documents. This rule isn’t activated only for betting on horse racing. Furthermore, process of authorization is active only in online establishments.

Belgium. In this country government recognized that games, which don’t require skills and based on random numbers have really bad influence on citizens. That’s why, in Belgium you can find only three types of gambling establishments: playrooms, casinos and drinking places, where you can’t play games which are based of randomness.

Different Positions about Gambling in the Greatest World’s Countries

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Denmark. Here you can’t play slots, because they have chance of winning and don’t require skill. Moreover, you can’t do sports betting without a special authorization.

Greece. Because of huge budget problems, in 2009 the government of this country, announced that now they don’t have ban on slot machines, and that now gambling is completely legalized on whole territory. They say, that this step can help Greece increase the percentage of GDP(gross domestic product) on 10%.

England is one of the most gambling addicted country of the world. Lots of online and real establishments are working there. About 60% of all world gamblers live in England. The National Lottery, was created in 1993, and due to this fact, prediction games were started to exist.

Turkey. You can play everything you want here. First kind of gambling here was betting on horse racing. In 1988 the National Lottery was created here, and since 2005 came legalization of all kinds of internet games.

United States of America. In 2006 there is a special pack of laws was released, that it’s prohibited to gamble online via slots. However, you still can play online poker there. And don’t forget about real establishments in Las Vegas, where you can try your luck in table games.

As you can see, as more countries, than more positions about gambling, but it’s obvious that governments are divided into two parts, who totally like it and, who completely hate it. Whatever it was, you always need to know the rules of every country you are going to gamble in.