How to Win a Million Dollars With a Five Dollar Side Bet

Since the gambling has become popular in the world, there is a special reward system, which is working from the first days of it’s existing. One part of these special awards called progressive jackpot option for table games. To tell the truth, this phenomenon, had become demanded only in the end of 2018 and appear firstly in popular Venetian casino in a capital of gambling, Las Vegas.

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This feature has taken the name Sands Millionaire Progressive and had become very popular from the start. In a few weeks, jackpot prize was won two times. To activate this feature, casino visitor, need to place bet in poker game in size of $5. After that, the dealer will shuffle cards, and if the following combination from the top deck will be the most valuable, you will score a big win.

Stories About Winners

Lets discuss winners. The first casino visitor who wins in the progressive feature was Kevin Ripski from Ontario, Canada. His story is very interesting. Once upon a time he decided to visit the Venetian Resort, and one day, he saw the big advertisement. It says that everyone has an opportunity to win a big jackpot in the new feature. I decided to try my luck, so I placed my $5 bet and gave my cards to dealer, who said that I’m a winner, Kevin says. His winning was in a size of one million dollar and even more.

Another Texas player, whose name is unknown, has won a big prize in Sands Millionaire Progressive, while playing Ultimate Texas Hold’em by having a royal flush in this game. He did the same instructions like the first winner, place the $5 bet and pray for the best combination. In total, winning amount money of this player was about $1,020,000.

The Rules of Winning and Table Games Where Progressive Feature can be Activated

To win in this competition, you only should to visit the Venetian casino and place $5 bet in poker titles, that maintain the special Sand Millionaire Progressive. If the main combination will be spawned, congratulations, you are a winner.

Of course, you may ask, which titles of poker games we need to play? The following list contains all poker games where you can trigger this progressive feature. Let It Ride, Three Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Mississippi Stud and Crazy 4 Poker are available in Venetian Casino.

Useful Piece of Advice about Progressive feature of Venetian casino

To draw the conclusion, it should be mentioned, that playing such progressive features are very dangerous. That’s all because you can’t be 100% sure that you will win this great prize. In simple words you will be 0% sure of winning. Moreover, you won’t get anything, if the royal flush won’t spawn.

There is a big risk of losing everything you have. So, our piece of advice will be to take it easier. Make a single or few bets, but not more, and if you won’t win, just leave it and try next time. Enjoy the gambling, don’t try to chase the jackpot, it may end badly.

As a good example, we can see the Kevin Ripski. He didn’t come to the casino in searching of jackpot, he just wanted to try his luck, and he has won. So it would be better, only to try.